School Pictures 2013

We always try to do “official” school pictures each year because we love a little dry humor. School pictures are just about the most comical event in existence. (The kids love to laugh at themselves afterward and then I forward them to my parents so they can laugh too.)

We are nearing the end of week two of school here at home. Yes, homeschooling again. Yes, delighted to be doing so! Cruz is in Kindergarten this year and has been amped to be “really in school.” Ever was so jealous that I had to buy her all the same books and she is also attempting K. She whips him in Language Arts and he her in Math. I think they believe school is a competition, or some sort of race.

School has also started for my husband, and I’m hoping that the fall brings a little downtime. What I really need is some cool weather and a couple free hours to bake some pumpkin pies.  Oh, and we are already planning our Halloween costumes. I think we’ll be keeping in a secret until the holiday, but I had to get started early to make up for not planning at all last year!

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