So Long Sweet Year!

Everyone is saying it, and I feel the need to say it too, I can not believe that 2011 is over. While most people are pretending to feel feeling optimistic about 2012 and what it will hold, I’m holding on (in my loving pessimistic way) to 2011; How can any future year compete?!

I do this sappiness every year. (I’m a little extra emotional during the holidays, you know, things like crying over pretty light displays and other usual sappy-mom-like actions.)

Moving on.

This was a great year for so many reasons. I’ll name just a few:

-In January, I started blogging again. I was sappy then too.

-We did some fun stuff like The Orange Co. Fair, Balboa Pier, & iChatting.

-I posted 564 photos to instagram.

-I got to spend a couple weekends (1 & 2) doing things with my sisters.

-Can’t lie, I did some mean stuff too. The geese incident, for example.

-And then there was the whole adoption process. This like CPR, Homestudy Paperwork, & some Family Portraits.

-We homeschooled.

-I tweeted 989 times.

-My brother traveled the world while we all sat ar0und waiting for him to come home just in time for Christmas!

-Our babies got more adorable everyday day.

2011 was good one.


We’ve got a flu bug running through the family, so we are in for the NYE’s celebrations. We are enjoying one last night with the Holiday Decor. We had a fun time around the fired roasting marshmallows, and then went in some natural hot springs (it might not cure us, but it sure feels good!) We are moving Ever’s birthday celebrations to tomorrow since we have obligations on the actual day of – she is going to have an adorable little family party, which I will be sure to post photos of.  XXOO


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