Stay-at-Home-Working Mom

I never thought I’d be a working mom. Never.

Because all I have ever wanted to do is stay home with my children and homeschool them and make their meals and clean up their 800 trillion messes a day.

But then my husband’s photography business turned into “our business”, and then it was “mine”.

And now I’m a Stay-at-Home-Working Mom.

Give, it is the BEST of both worlds in so many ways.  I work 2 weekends a month (I up it to 3 during the crazy busy summer months) and while I’m gone, the children are either with Joel, or my parents, or their favorite Bekah, so I don’t even have to worry about them.

But, you know, everything has it’s pros and cons, and working from home is no exception.

Sometimes you feel guilty you aren’t doing enough for your kids.

Sometimes you feel guilty you aren’t focusing on your business more.

Which leads me to the real reason for this post: blogging. Because I am really something terrible at blogging on my work blog. I basically only blog about half, or sometimes less then half, of the jobs I do because I already blog here and 99% of my followers are on this blog. I feel like blogging my work stuff is too pushy. I have long been against combining the two because, god forbid, anyone think I’m trying to be pushy or self promoting. I hate that and I don’t want anyone to think I blog personally just to increase my business – because that’s kinda weird to me. But, I need to figure out a way to blog, work & personal, and not spend all of my life at the computer! (Remember I still have to sort & edit all my photos, so it turns into a lot of screen time.)

So I thought I’d ask you all here, in hope of some honest opinions on what you think about it?

Is it okay for me to combine my work & personal blogs? Do you read any other blogs where this is done tactfully?  I generally don’t give work/personal blogs a second look because I don’t like them, so I’m still leaning toward not combining them, but then I wonder if I’ll have to give up blogging personal posts here just to get work posts done on the other blog? (I don’t like that either!)

My work posts are just photos, I threw a few in here just for kicks, so they aren’t terrible obnoxious, but then again, maybe they are to some people?

What do you think?


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