Storytime with Dad

Our kids don’t really know what normal “when I was a kid” stories are.

My dad grew up in the projects in LA. His stories involve everything from sharing a double bed with two of his siblings to living on his own in a barn at the age of 14 while working for a guy who trained horses for movies. And then there was the time he had to wear his sisters clothes to school to save money. Ai. The kids fave would be anything involving firecrakers. My dad seems to have a lot of those.

Then there is Joel. Sometimes the kids are just staring at  him in disbelief. To spare him from a million comments (because there are many students who tell me they read this blog and would loooovvveee to hear some hilarious stories to bug him with!) I won’t share too much, but let’s just say that growing up as a white kid in Mexico you come back with an odd collaboration of superb spanish & unbelievable tales that are in fact true. You may not have much else, but those are ensured.

The girls concerned faces in the middle picture kinda capture what I’m talking about. It’s a mix of laughter and horror, followed by a million questions, but always a good time. I’m starting to think we should just stick to fairy tales at the end of the day. It’s possible they are getting too many bad ideas from the guys in our family, haha!



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