Summertime Sips

I asked the girls if they would like to take a picture of their juice, next thing you know, we’ve had an outfit change (because we should always be wearing Alice + Ames for photos!), hair is brushed, and they are posing like supermodels. So much so, I was a tad embarrassed. The photoshoot stopped, and I caught them posing while looking at themselves in the reflection of the sliding door. (blush!) 

Santa Cruz Agua Fresca Juice Review 2Santa Cruz Agua Fresca Juice Review 4Santa Cruz Agua Fresca Juice Ruby and Zara enjoying summer
Alice and Ames dresses
We reviewed Santa Cruz Agua Fresca and the kids were crazy about them. I like that they are noted as “lightly sweetened” and when you drink them, you realize what a perfect description that is! We’re already on our fifth bottle… too much? Nah!

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