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I’ve been trying to stay up on the SUYL posts, but the last Friday’s topic was “Alma Mater”, which my school was sort anti-Alma Mater in a way, because it was all Religious Studies.  Anyway, this week is “Show us what you make” which is so super fun for me, because I love making Bands for babies, girls, ladies, weddings etc…  But here’s just one thing.  As much as I love making them, I hate selling them and the whole marketing process.  (I am totally anti-marketing when it comes to things that people don’t really need, I mean really, bands?  No one actually NEEDS them, they are just so darn cute!)  So, my friend Jess recently said I should make a video to show you all how to make your own bands, and I think that will be my goal for this weeks SUYL, to make you a video so you can make your own bands!  I won’t promise it will be this friday, but it’s in my mind for the future, because I really think this is something people would love to learn how to do!!

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