The Photography Files: June 2012

I forgot that I was going to do an end of the month post each month and kinda skipped June. Oops.

I’m just settling in for the night at the computer.  I had to clean – all day long – to catch up around the house (Happy Monday, right?) And now, working it. I busted out a wedding and 3 photo shoots this weekend. Edit, shoot, rinse and repeat.  You can see a little bit of new stuff on the blog.

Two things to mention work related:

-If you are in Southern California and would like to be on the waiting list for Holiday Sessions, sign up here. While the rest of the universe may find it strange that we’re talking Christmas Photos in July, my booked schedule argues that we just gotta do it to stay sane. Obviously I’ve already lost it or I wouldn’t be talking universe/schedule arguments. Ahem. Share it with your friends too! (Share the photo session information, not that I’ve lost my mind. No one wants an insane photographer. No one.)

-Today & Tomorrow are the last days to vote for my blog for Circle of Moms Top 25 Photographer Mom Blog Contest (Doncha think that’s too long of a title?) Anyway, I’ve been in the top 25 so far, which is awesome, so thank you for the votes. Just click here to vote one last time and we’ll see what happens! (Sidenote: if all the people who read my blog in one day voted I would win. Not that I truly care about winning, my husband doesn’t even like to play games with me because I don’t care about winning! Haha, winning isn’t for everyone so I’m happy to be the loser if someone else is happy, and that someone is usually a 3 year old. Her winning IS me winning. Winning.) Thanks friends!

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