The Photography Files: May 2012

So, after all the sweet comments and thoughts from you all. I definitely decided to keep my business and personal blogs separate for simplicity on the work end (I don’t want clients to have to read about my personal life if they don’t want to). Since most people thought it was okay to combine the two, I thought it would be nice to share some work related things I do here on this blog since this is sort of the place that I talk, where as my work blog is just photos. This way I can share extra stories and funny stuff, without getting the other blog too cluttered. I won’t share everything I do, it’s just too much, and this isn’t a work blog – I  just want to share a little of my work since it is a huge part of our life.

For this first installment, I’m just going to share two of my favorite recents. I will be uploading more (and hopefully ALL of what I do. I’m trying to make myself!) to the other blog, so you can always check there if you get a minute.

Penelope. I seriously can’t get enough of that face. What the heck. How can a baby be so adorable?  I’ll take 5 more right now. She was the most delightfully shy little sweetheart I have ever met. She’s like a little cherub, and so soft! I was finally able to put some of the antique dresses I bought for the baby shower decor to good use!

Joel and I got to go away for a weekend to Northern California for a beautiful wedding in the country!  (We also made some awesome stops to visit our friend Nick, picked up a pair of antlers from an antique store, and hit LA for some kids clothes!!) Kristin & Adam looked amazing. The wedding was gorgeous. I sneezed my head off. (So did the groom and his brother!) I am a Southern California girl for so many reasons, but seriously, I can’t ever live anywhere else because I would sneeze to death.

I have had such a fun year with work. I think the combination of my kids being older, and me limiting the number of events I take has realllllllyyy made the the whole thing more enjoyable. Plus, my parents have been able to spend some quality time with the kids which they all love.

This one has nothing to do with photography, just one my sister snapped on Mother’s Day of us and I lovvvvee it so much because we haven’t had any sister pictures recently.

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