The Photography Files: Summer 2013

I’m looking back through my sporadic posts from this summer and laughing at my inability to successfully blog – mainly, it jumps around due to how crazy things are with work, or you can blame the kids, either way. I figure that is a fluid intro into a new “Photography Files” post…I’m so tactful.

All joking aside, I am so in love with my clients this year!  I think my brides are just stunning, and they have chosen gorgeous venues, colors, and details –I’m so proud. I’ve also been involved in a few different projects for bloggers which I have enjoyed immensely. It’s been so long since I was consistently doing anything besides weddings, that I forgot how delightful it is to style a shoot and then have hours to shoot it!

I took a lot less weddings this year too. I’ve always been a big advocate for “Just Say No” which should be a program for anyone who owns a business (although I would probably get sued for trademark rights. Drugs, what?)  This year I truly, truly put that into practice and it made my life, work and personal, much more pleasant. I can’t remember the last time I had to stay up until 3am, which is sayin’ something let me tell you.

I’ve posted a couple of things on the blog this summer which you can check out and I always have hopes of posting more, which I may or may not accomplish anytime soon.

In Other News: 

-We figured out a little something for our anniversary!

-Our garden is miraculously still alive and looks incredible.

-We did a few house projects this week and I can wait to photograph them and show them to you!

-I was 4th in the Top Photographer Moms contest! (Special thanks to everyone who voted!)

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