The Weekend Recap

I don’t know what’s up with my site, but I wasn’t able to login for days, thus, no photos!  Here’s what our weekend looked like…

myJoel’s cousin, Hannah, and her family, were in town this weekend from North Dakota!  We went to Disneyland, in the pouring rain, and spent a day at our house, just hanging out, and eating authentic Mexican food.  Hannah and I basically talked each others ears off, while the guys played chess, bocci, and games on their phones.

Saturday night, my whole side of the family was supposed to get together for dinner, but Jeremy ended up having to work, and my other brother Zac got sick, so we un-invited him. I’m going to ask Katie to blog about this whole thing, because it’s just too good, but guess who she got to meet this weekend? 

Here’s her quote, as a second clue: “He shook my cutting hand, and now I can never wash it again!!”

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