The Weekender: Four Birthdays

Our family has gotten so big that we celebrate birthday’s monthly.  July’s party included Mom, Dad, Lindsay & Ruby – their 4 birthdays are within 11 days of each other! May I also mention that Lindsay and I are the only two with kids? What is going to happen when we expand more? Quarterly birthdays?!

Me, Amy, Lindsay + Katie

The day was simple. Ruby made everyone cupcakes, the kids played twister and wrecked a Piñata, and Katie taught me to fishtail braid! (Zara already rocked one, I’m in love.) Top that with getting to see Amy & Ollie, never see them enough, and I am obsessed with that happy child!!  Nana, Rara & Nick made it too –  and it might as well have been everyones birthday with all the fun we had. (We don’t do boring.)

I wasn’t going to make a video, but I just could resist with the Piñata. It’s possible my family members will be the only ones to make it though all 3 minutes. So be it.


Is the girls hair cracking you up?  I got off from our normal routine with their hair and its been messyville over here. I’ll have to blog what we do, because it’s amazing how beautiful their hair looks all the time when we keep it up! (And it’s easy and keeps nice for a 3 days afterward!)
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