The Weekender: Hello August!

We are half way through August and school is about to begin! The kids are ecstatic and I actually have a 2013-14 school year post in the works, we are still very much homeschooling, and still very much loving it. Almost as much as we love this photo…

We recently acquired a Costco membership because I got so tired of grocery shopping 4 times a week. When I say, “These kids can eat.” I mean it. Jude and Ever inherited the skinny-bones-jones-metabolism-from-another-world. They eat all day long and never gain any weight. My mom had this highly coveted disease as a kid, my sister and I had it as children, and now these two. Legs for miles, guys. Costco became a must, and I have actually been really happy with them – even eating organic and offbeat like we do, I’m still able to shop at Costco! (This is not an advertisement, seriously just in love with Costco right now.) So while I was buying bulk bags of organic spinach enough to feed an army, I spotted these adorable solar system jammies, that happened to also be organic. I think it was fate, or too many taste tests, and I was sold. I drove straight home,  immediately washed them, and have made the kids wear them every night since. Which wasn’t hard since they are as obsessed as I am.

Joel’s parents came to visit this past weekend and we did several fun things, one of which was the OC fair. I have a serious love for the fair, mainly centered around food. It is so wrong and so right, I’m like a fly to sticky paper. (Can we not talk about how sick, I mean absolutely ill to my stomach I was for the two days following? I am going to have to rethink my capabilities for the fair in 2014.) Photo booths will have to be my new drive.

After the fair we stopped off in Corona Del Mar to look at the tide pools. Of all the days for the water to be black balled for high bacteria count! We were pretty disappointed, but we got to see these two beauties (and a rock fish, dolphins and a few anemones.)  Zara looks like my mother in this photo.

In LA we were able to hit my fave vegan spot and kids store, plus the Natural History Museum!

So proud of this kids love for gem stones and precious metals. His future wife will be so thankful for the education we’re giving him.

And I have been slack in posting any of our WTAWW photos because I kinda felt like maybe that type of post is over played and coming unraveled, but I really do miss it because I like to have the sequence of the kids each week. I think maybe it just needs a new name or something? I need to work on that for sure, these kids are too much dramatic cute, I don’t want to forget any of it!

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