The Weekender: May Ends, Summer Begins

I love long weekends!

Friday: Jude had his last official day of school Friday! We had a short meeting with his “teacher” and collected some new materials for next year. We are (offically) done!  We already got some new summer stuff in the mail today, matching books, mazes – we do year round, so it’s never really “done” – but at least I don’t have to keep records during the summer!

As soon as we got home from the meeting, we headed back out to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with the whole fam (including Joel’s parents).  I love this movie. I thought it was better then the first, for so many reasons, but mainly because of the adoption story they worked in! They did such a phenomenal job handling adoption, which is so unusual for movies. I will be buying it as soon as possible.


Saturday: Joel took the big two with him and his parents to Sea World.  I stayed home with Ever & Cruz and we did nothing except cleaning and updating the blog!  I don’t know if there are any pictures from Sea World, but I haven’t seen any yet…I’ll check the iPhone tonight!

Sunday: I stayed home (again) with the youngest three while Joel & Jude went to church.  After, we had a picnic with In-N-Out at the park and played a little game of baseball.  Although “played” might not be the right word.  Zara is seriously hysterical with a bat in hand. She swings herself in circles, like so…(Sorry it added ALL my photos on there a ton of times, I’m still trying to figure out this new set up!)

I forgot to mention that we did henna this week in school didn’t I?  Jude wanted a dragon. I always make fun of dragon tattoos so this was an appropriate joke on me. I also got my new Kelly Moore bag in the mail (Finally! It was on backorder forever.)  It makes lugging two cameras around a whole lot easier, although it is huge. At least it matches my photo shoot boots!



Monday: Memorial Day…Praying for all the families missing their loved ones this year..

…and Zara’s 5th Birthday! I don’t want her to grow up. We didn’t have a real party the day of since it was also a holiday! BUT Zara did feel extra special with all her Hello Kity decor and fun presents we got her!  A real party is coming soon though – I can’t wait to actually throw a party for my OWN children! I kinda forgot that was an option since I’m always throwing parties for other people! Haha!  More on that soon!

Hope you all had a fab weekend too. My husband surprised me and is taking not one, but TWO days off in honor of my 27th Birthday on Thursday…which is also Jude’s 7th birthday!  He’s also taking us to one of our most favorite places…I won’t be blogging the day of (most likely) but there is always Twitter!



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