The Weekender: Mommy goes on Vacation

I am back!  Came home at 11:30 last night, from a delightful and delicious weekend away with so many fun memories to share. The one memory I don’t want to keep is the whole I-missed-my-children-like-crazy-memory, and coming home to them all asleep was painful!  I wanted to shake them all awake and get ice cream or something like, but resisted until this morning when they woke me up!  (We didn’t have ice cream, just organic raw cereal.) I have to warn you, this post is not only wordy, its also filled with photos. Some my own, some I stole from both my sister’s instagrams.

Friday:  Just the normal watch a movie, hang out as a family, and grab some dinner kinda night. We started watching Aristocrats, but I’m not as gripped as I usually am, and overall, I’m not sure I like it at all right now… I’m going to keep watching though.

Saturday: Packed up and headed to OC with my camera gear and a few changes of clothes. Packing for one is much easier then packing for six. You can quote me on that.

Somehow, I managed to not take a single picture of the first few delightful events of the day.  My mom took me to lunch at Pei Wei and then for errands to Target.  Following that, I met my cousin Hannah (and her boys) who are here from North Dakota, at Seal Beach for a little walk.  (There were also some of her blogger friends there from other places who were also here for Blog Sugar, but you’ll read more about that in a minute…) Our time was short lived though, as I had to move onto a super adorable photo shoot with five cute little ones.

And then the best thing happened.

I got be an Auntie. Just an Auntie. Without being a Mommy at the same time.

Ruby thinks my mini-van full to the brim with four colorful carseats is the coolest, that nearly anything I say is hilarious, and that I am way more awesome then I really am.

Being an aunt is only just-barely-second to being a mother!

I stayed the night at Lindsay’s just so I could spend more time with the girls, and her and Adam. Quin isn’t quite as taken with me as of yet, but being only 4 months old there are only so many things she wants. (Mainly two things, both being attached to her mother’s upper body.) However, she enjoyed the bubble bath I gave her and smiled and coo’d at me with her usual sweetness.  I can’t wait until she, like her sister, notices I drive a trendy mini-van.  I use trendy in the loosest sense of the word.

Speaking of trendy, little miss Ruby, with all her sass decided to add a few accessories to her outfit before we went out on our coffee date on Saturday night. Lindsay & I decided it was finally time we tried Portola since there is a lot of hype surrounding their cup-of-joe.  Guess what?  It is that good. I couldn’t even really pinpoint what about it was better, but it’s just delicious! Mind you, we waited in line for about 20-something minutes to get it, maybe the delay in gratification psyched us into wanting/liking it more?

Sunday: After a full night of uninterrupted sleep (and L & I wearing matching pajamas) I woke up to Ruby’s little giggles, a snuggle from her freezing little body, and a lovely Paleo breakfast made by my sister.  Seriously, I felt like a princess!  After eating, Linds and I worked on cleaning out the girls’ room, rearranging and redecorating a little here and there.  Hopefully there will be pictures of it soon on my sister’s blog, because it is really turning out cute! We spent a little too much time on it though, and ended up rushing around to get ready for our friend Maddie’s bridal shower.


After some toilet paper Bride Wars, a little brunch and a lot of lingerie laughs, the five besties decided it was coffee time.  On the way, we passed my brother’s gym and I’ve really been wanting a picture of me and “Zac the Bod”…

I always tell people how hot my brother is, but then they see him and they are still shocked because no matter how good looking they imagined him, he is even better looking in real life.  (He’s paying me to say all that. Jk, jk.)

Left to right: Katie, Me, Amy (with Oliver in tummy), Lindsay (with Quin), and Gina

We have literally known each other since being babies, with the exception of Katie, but it feels like she’s been around a lot longer then she has!  Our visits are too few and far between, but we have hopes of a fantastic weekend reunion with more laughing, crying and talking until we pass out at 3am like the old days.

After coffee, we parted ways, and Katie, Lindsay & I went to Forever 21 for a little girl time… which was productive for our wardrobes to be sure.  It also made me late for Blog Sugar.  I completely missed the first session, which was actually okay because I didn’t know where I was supposed to go, and I knew I was in the other 2 sessions with my friend Christina and that she would be keeping better track then me!  I didn’t take a single picture all night, but I did meet some nice people, and meeting new people is fun for me.  And this brings me to my confession:  I don’t read many blogs.  I had no idea who 99% of the people there were. So bad, I should have read up on it beforehand because I was eating right next to Andrea and didn’t have a stinking clue who she was (shame on me), and I just looked at her blog today and I asked such elementary questions which could have all been answered by the blog if I had looked into it earlier! Two other favorite meets of the night were Sarah & Greta who were so perfectly normal, sweet, kind & REAL.  I love meeting genuine people!  Talking kept me until a little past 10, and when I finally made it home to my husband I was SO thankful just to be alive, in my little haven, with my sweet little life!

Thus my vacation was a success, this post is too long, and I am excited to see Hannah and her boys again tomorrow to continue the fun celebrations!

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