The Weekender: Movies, Photos & Babies

I went to bed super late few nights ago because I stayed awake to watch a 3 hour, british-novel-turned-movie-mini-series.  The whole thing wasn’t so bad, I actually really enjoyed a lot of it, but, as usual, one of the main characters died of Tuberculosis. Of course. And, the final line of the whole movie?  “But what are we going to do about the law, ‘You can’t marry your brother’s widow'” to which the woman replied, “We’ll just have to wait until they change the Law.”

Worst ending ever! Hideous comes to mind. I was absolutely livid at one-something-in-the-morning over that ugly line. Negative 5 stars on that one.

Zara & Ever didn’t get the memo about Mommy being up all late watching stupid movies, so they got up bright and early to get showered & dressed to go…. Meanwhile, I’m still in my jammies, eyes half closed, barely able to function. I wish I could channel their adorable energy. And the blonde hair too.

The plate saga continues…in a happy way! I found these Mikasa dessert plates that I think are pretty darn cute. Of course, they are hand-wash only, but they are also Black & Gold (my absolute favorite) which makes them worthy of all that hand washing!  I’m thinking of just going all white porcelain with the dinner plates & bowls and getting this for fun events as an accent. I like plain white for the daily, but would love something fun for our dessert nights with friends.

This weekend didn’t go exactly as planned. Due to some rainy days, I had to reschedule 4 shoots. But I did get a few in before it started, which I was super happy about!

And, best of all, I got to see this girl and treat her to a Slurpee. I know what you’re thinking. That I’m crazy for giving that little baby a huge Slurpee, but no worries! The store was out of small cups, so I gave her a small amount in a big one. She was pretty happy about it!

And then I took a million pictures of them with my iPhone, I’ll only subject you to two…

Lindsay and I had to hit the theater to see a movie and have a little girl time at Gap.  Between the sweet jackets I got for the kids at 60% off and the contraband cookies (gluten free & vegan) we snuck in the theater, I’d say we had a pretty good time. We tried to take some pictures in the movie theater, but we looked like trolls so we didn’t post them. You’re welcome.

I also got a little more Christmas shopping done, and am currently listening to the delightful, torrential downpour of rain. It’s a novelty in sunny California, and I am going to appreciate every moment of it. I LOVE THE RAIN! If dreams come true, it will also be raining on Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t that make it more holiday-ish instead of a bright sunny normal day?!

Oh, and one last shot of little Quin so you can love her more then you already do! Eek!


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