The Weekender: We are People People

It’s been a crazy past week!  We’ve had company over for lunch or dinner 4 out of the past 6 days, along with a trip to Orange County to visit with family & I had a little work into the mix too.  We are such People People, sometimes I surprise myself with how much we do as a family. On that same note, I always have people ask me if having kids has slowed us down a lot. I don’t really know what to say because the answer is really more of a “yes-no-kinda-not” rather then just “yes” or “no”.  Having kids has slowed down some things. I wouldn’t dream of going out dancing with my girlfriends at 11pm at night in LA, but that probably wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did to begin with. I also don’t just run around and do errands, or run around to do anything for that matter.  “Run around” is a term that applies only to people without children.  Right now, I’m more like lugging around. Or dragging. Or pushing.  Going out is undoubtedly much more work. We have invested in velcro or slip-on shoes for every child so I don’t have to tie 97 laces every time we leave the house, but getting ready to leave is by far the biggest difference.  “Let me grab my purse” doesn’t exist anymore. Its, “Let me grab my purse, and some snacks, and drinks, changes of clothing, and tissues, extra underwear, some toys, and hand sanitizer wipes, and stuff them in this ginormous bag I hope passes for a purse and doesn’t look like I’m carrying luggage with me to the grocery store, oh and I can’t forget to pack the deodorant.” because you are going to sweat a lot lugging, dragging and pushing kids around. But, all that aside, I really don’t think kids has slowed me down that much. Like this weekend for instance…

 Friday: Joel took all the kids fishing, I cleaned up the house.  Nothing too extraordinary happened that I can remember, but we did fill the night with good food, movies, a clean house and fun.

Saturday: Headed to Orange County for the weekend to spend time with my family. Since we only told it on Facebook, I’ll tell it here. My dad is on medical leave from his job for his Peripheral Neuropathy. But obviously that has made him sad to be away from a job & people he loves so much!  His grand babies helped cheer him up a bit. (Spending the weeks in doctors office waiting rooms can be a drag, you know?)  He is getting along okay for the circumstances, however he did drop a large pan of biscuits while putting them in the oven because his hands gave out. We laughed. But it’s not really funny. (Let’s hope that never happens while holding a kid! Or glass!) Pray for him if you think about it.

I also got take pictures of my friend Amy’s baby!  If you don’t know who Amy is you are missing out.  I have known her my entire life and could not imagine what life without her would be like… I mean, who would have been the top of our breath taking jr. high pyramid?

Above: Amy on Top, Linds & Sarah, Cassi, Serrita & Me

And who’s house would we have camped out at all summer long? (She wasn’t afraid of make pretty faces.)

Below: Gina, Amy, Lindsay, Allison, Me

Really, these are “new” pictures, because our families have know each other since before Amy, Linds and I were even born!  (We have many a blackmail photos of her brother and I in the tub) And funny enough, her and Katie worked in the same salon for years and she was in THE WEDDING. Isn’t that rad that all of us sisters are friends with her?! YES! And she at all the showers, including Quin’s.

All that to say, she finally has a babe of her own and he is just to die for! Meet Oliver Bourne Bailey:

How great is his name too?  His nickname is Ollie and the middle name is after his dad, Peter’s, middle name. (I believe was a grandma’s maiden name or something super awesome like that.) I could seriously barely handle how sweet this kid is.

After a super fun visit, Lindsay and I headed home to hangout with the entire family and my great Aunt Judy & Uncle Don who are here from Oklahoma (they are about to celebrate their 50 year anniversary!) We had a great dinner and spent time relaxing and talking.

Sunday: I don’t really know exactly what everyone did on Sunday. There was a lot of hanging out, kid time at the park and relaxing (and eating!) I was working for a good part of the day so I didn’t do much else. (I put a few previews up on Facebook, but won’t bore you here.) Once we packed up and got home it was pretty late, but not late enough to deny ourselves Downton Abbey.

 Worst idea ever.

I cried. I bawled. I sobbed.

I must be hormonal. Not reallyI just love this show so much.

Now that the weekend is over I am editing like a crazy person, and tonight I have big plans for a big pile of clean clothes.

And I’m going to tuck some more BBCs under my belt while I’m at it.

Don’t forget I’m doing a giveaway here! What are there only four people entered? I demand an answer.

Are you all Basil haters or something?

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