Things To Do For Ten?

I didn’t know I was going to be a wedding photographer when we got married. Thus, due to working at a college and not wanting to get married during a semester, we got married in August (even thought I really wanted to get married in October). Had I known how busy our life would be each August for the next stretch of life, I might have seriously reconsidered our wedding date. Or maybe we’d have run to Vegas instead.

This year holds our 10 year anniversary, and as usual with wedding “season” and all, we have every weekend filled. I’m late in the game anyway with just a month to go to plan something, but still haven’t thought of anything that seems worth the effort – it doesn’t have to be gaudy or dramatic, just somewhere quirky within Southern California. (One year the kids suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese for our anniversary, it was amazing, but I don’t think it’s fitting for a decade celebration!)

Photos are from a wedding we did awhile back. I forgot about them until today, luckily they are a perfect match for this post.

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