Thursdays Things: Thrifting (and What They Are Wearing)

I’ve been trying to thrift again (which is hard to fit in during busy seasons) but this week I hit 3 of my favorite stores and it resulted in some fun new clothes for the kids!

Jude’s shirt: $3  + Hollywood, CA shirt $2

Zara’s Dress, “You are in Wonderland” brand, which I’ve never heard of but is so cute: $4

Cruz’s Lacoste shirt (and a matching brown one + a red one in the next size up for Jude): $2.99 each

Ever: Lucy Sykes Baby dress. Lucy Sykes was one of fav kids brands for awhile, but it appears they have gone out of business! (You might remember Zara’s pretty navy Lucy Sykes sweater here) This dress: $5.99

Speaking of Ever, she is almost completely better. No other sickies yet, but I know it could be coming at any moment…

And. I am so shocked that people don’t know who The Civil Wars are. Or at least that they didn’t know UNTIL THEY STINKIN’ WON TWO GRAMMYS!  Anyway, I’ve been loving them for a lonnnnnggg time, and am so glad they are finally in the spotlight!  This is my favorite song by them, so far, of course I love the song they did with Taylor Swift, but I feel like she was the star, and really they deserve a little more then just back up vocals!

Anyone going to the Natural Products Expo West??!??!!  This will be my first year and I am BEYOND excited!!

I also really want to try to do this on my nails.

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Move over Jackson Pollock!

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