Tis The Season: Holiday Posts Coming Soon!

*This post was supposed to go up last week, however, something went wrong with the posting!  I totally didn’t notice it until today, ekkk!

Do you even know how excited I am that it’s October?  Really, the three best months of the year have to be October – December, because we get to celebrate 3 delicious holidays; Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. Yes, I like Halloween. I do. (More on that later.)

Because I am always overly excited about the holidays, I’m doing a whole series this year with gift guides, DIY (only the best, I promise!) and mainly my “Tis the Season” posts will be a fun way for me to share our families traditions and mainly some delicious recipes that Lindsay (my sister!) will be helping out with. Seriously people, you need to make these upcoming foods because we are super foodie kinda girls, and these are foods you are just gonna hafta’ try. We’ll also have some splurges on there because if there’s ever a time it splurge (and be sick for 3 days after) it’s when it’s the holidays (and you are off work).

Lindsay and I have both had food allergies our entire lives, so holidays are a time for food and then subsequent sickness from those foods. For awhile it seemed that it was either, eat good food and be sick, or eat bland foods and be a puddle of sadness that you didn’t eat anything as delicious as everyone else… But then, we both started cooking more, and exploring new food avenues (especially Linds once Quin was born) and then our brother went Paleo which only added to the already insane diet.

We have found that we good food is like Oxygen. H20. Shopping. Seriously. My family likes to EAT.

Speaking of the fam…

Thats a little bit of our Christmas Card from 2011. You can see the rest of if here. (That post of our Christmas Card turned out to be one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written. Who would have thought!?)

If you have anything specific you’d like to hear about our Holidays, let me know in the comments or a message and I’ll try to add it into the posts as they come. XXOO



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