Tis the Season

7 Fun things: 1. The lost boy is home 2. Went to this neighborhood and drove through 4 times. The kids were enchanted. 3. Visited our Family & did our classic gift exchange. I bought Quin a bunch of outfits & made here try them all on. 4. We celebrated at home on Christmas morning by ourselves. The kids all received Tom’s, among other things, and we had the best time.  5. We attended Christmas morning service, at which Ever (after 45 minutes) said, “Is it done yet?” 100 million times, and, “No, I don’t want them to sing another song!” in even greater amounts. To her credit, I thought it was going to be a short service and it was well over an hour. 6. I impulsively dyed my hair really dark this week. 7. Joel’s family is here!

*Song sung by Phil Wickham.

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