What I’m Wearing Wednesday: Just Me

Call me a failure, but I actually took pictures of the kids for today’s edition of WTAWW! However, I haven’t had time to get them from the camera to the computer, and I have a wedding I need to get edited, like now, so they will come later in the week…

Which means: Today, it’s just me.  Too much of me on the blog lately, I promise that will change soon!

Favorite hairstyle EVER: Mom Bun – Thank you God this is in, because I am ALL about it!

Favorite shoes EVER: Target

Favorite “Power Serape” EVER: Forever 21

My husband likes to name my clothing items. Remember “Navajo Raver“? Yeah, he’s totally making fun of me hilarious.

AND, I have a bunch of questions saved up for my Q & A post, and I’ve been working on it here of there, but I just keep putting it off.  Hopefully that will end up on the agenda sometime this week too! xxoo

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