What They Are Wearing: Last Wednesday’s Edition

Okay, so I totally didn’t post these last week, and this week I’m cheating by posting them today because I had not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR very important events all today.  I added a video that my husband took at  last weeks homegroup too! I LOVE video, hopefully it doesn’t bore you! We have a group of about 40 kids, who rotate, and we usually end up each week with about 20-25 (although, we did have 40 one week which was incredibly hilarious in our living room!)


Ever: Dress, Jacket & Boots (Gap) Headband (me)

Cruz:  Shirt & Jeans (Gap), Puma Shoes

Zara: Jeans, Shirt & Shoes (Gap), Headband (me)

Jude: Navajo Sweater (Target $3.68!!!), Jeans (Gap), Puma Shoes

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