What They Are Wearing Wednesday: A Revelation

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and notes about the girls room!  I added a little info at the bottom of this post about it to answer the questions from the post and those that were sent to me!

It takes a genius to blog – apparently.  Yes, I believed that I needed to take the photographs for WTAWW on Wednesday…but that always set me back, because Wednesday is my busiest day of the week! But, of course, I’ve now realized that taking the pictures any day of the week would obviously work! Gah! I am so out of it lately and completely baffled as to how I didn’t think of it before.


Ever: Dress & Gold Headband (Old Navy), Black Bow that she added at the last moment (H&M), & Gold Sandals (Hand me down from Zara – I don’t remember where they were from, but they were super cheap!)

Cruz: Wearing his Pjs! Not pictured.

Zara: New! Dark Skinny Jeans (Gap), Sweater (Target for $3.86 this week!), & Bare feet!

Jude: Shirt (H&M), Jeans (Gap), TOMS


I had a few people ask me about saving money and decorating – because I love to save money, so I must do that when I redecorate, right?



…not really!

I kinda learned this the hard way, but I only buy things I love.  I’d rather save longer, have less, and keep the items for as long as possible.  I know a lot of people will disagree with me on that, but I also think a lot of people are completely discontent with their lives over a few silly dollars. What’s worse: spend a little more or drone on about it to no end about how you haven’t done anything to your house?  (I hear this all the time, and it drives me nuts, so I can only imagine how their husbands feel!)

So, of course, my spending is still all done within reason, and I do stay on the less costly side of things by shopping at practically priced stores. (Also note, if you have debt and don’t have money anyway, I’m not telling you to go improve your life by spending money that won’t make anything better!) To “save” money, I didn’t go to a boutique designer to get the girls bed frames, I went to Ikea. BUT, I also didn’t just try to find the cheapest bed possible, I got the one I loved the most – Actually, I really really really loved it! (Thank God for Ikea, seriously, have you priced kids beds at all?) If I had more time, I probably could have even looked for the same beds on Craigslist and got them for cheaper, but I needed two that were the same, so I couldn’t be sure I’d find them soon enough!  (Seriously, if you can’t afford Ikea prices, just scan CL until you find the same items! You will eventually find them!)

By the way, please tell me you are all watching the Royal Wedding.  I am so so so excited!  My neighbor and I are hosting a Party – we are DVRing it (it’s at 1am our time) and having a Royal Tea & Breakfast at 6am!  Can’t wait to hear what you all think about it!

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