What They Are Wearing Wednesday: Caesar’s Candy

When you never take your kids to a candy store for the first time, they are bound to act like, well, “kids in a candy store.”

They will also have no idea what the name of the store truly is and repeated call it “Caesar’s Candy” even after you have corrected them a thousand times.

“Wait, what? We get a FREE candy?!”

“Mom, I just love these people.”

“Maybe we should give our kids candy more often, they are being so nice!” -Joel

Kids clothes: All Gap, except shoes & Cruz’s cardigan from H&M.

Does Ever kill you with her outfits? We’ve been calling her the “Cat Child” lately because she is obsessed with cat’s, and all animals actually. I swear she will work for PETA when she get’s older. Of course, I should mention that nearly every animal she has ever touched has bit her. It’s like a sad joke, she loves them, they hate her. I think she looks at them straight in the eye and scares them? Poor Cat Child.  I need to get a video of them, especially her, because they are so stinking hilarious.

Look at these graphic onesies I just found on Zulily. I think I’m going to get them and store them for my future nieces and nephews!

And Gap just got a bunch of new lines in, I think for Spring 1, and some of the stuff is SO cute! They also got in the new DVF lines. I was actually a little disappointed with the DVF lines for kids because I expected them to be as amazing as the Stella McCartney lines, and they totally aren’t. I bought a bunch of Stella for Zara, it was just so incredible it’s hard to compare! (Sadly, some of it got accidentally thrown away at her birthday party right after she opened it!!! AGH!)  Anyway, you are missing out if you’ve never seen Stella’s, so here are a few pictures. Oh, and Zara is wearing the shorts from the line in the above pictures!

In my opinion, Stella ruined all future Gap collections for me. Forever!

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