What they are Wearing Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

We have had such a great little Thanksgiving Holiday here with my family! Everyone stayed the night at my parents last night and the kids woke up as excited as kids could be just to be with each other.

Above: Me & the smallest family member, my precious niece Quin.

Yesterday was filled with food & family photos. We missed (very much) our youngest brother Jeremy whilst he is still galavanting in the delightful Northern part of Yorkshire, but are excited to have him home in a little less than a month. (Then he will leave again, but we aren’t going there yet.)

Mmm’K, so here’s the deal.

I’m totally not a Black Friday kinda girl.

I like to shop in my jammies, with a cup of tea or coffee and snuggling up to my laptop.

That my friends is shopping with style.

Standing out in the cold all day long on Thanksgiving, just for some $2 off brand bath towels which are way too small for use by humans, isn’t my idea of a great holiday. But, since Adam, Linds & Katie went at 10 pm and only stood in line for a little over an hour I was game. Despite not getting a single thing, it was so so so so fun to just hang out and enjoy our time together as a family. Topics of discussion included; Adam’s asking Lindsay on a date and her having to pay for her own hotdog (in his defense, he did buy the concert ticket), and Sister Wives, you know that show about the polygamist sect of mormons?

Anyway, so overall, Black Friday seems like just a lot of hype, but if you snagged a $300 50″ LCD Tv at Target, I’m guessing you’d argue that statement. In which I would quickly concede. That really was quite the deal.

And even though these days are just totally and completely out of order, I’m adding our WTAWW pictures here because I want them up so you can see how stinking adorable these kids are these days.

All the kids clothes are Gap, except Zara’s shirt from H&M, and her necklace that was a present from her daddy’s trip to Israel.

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