Retitled: “Nothing”

I don’t know how, but I completely missed my favorite post of the week – What They Are Wearing Wednesday!  I was really bummed when I realized it last night.  I’m pretty sure it was ’cause I was doing nothing the last few days. You know, “nothing”  in all the senses of the word; like, “nothing-homeschooling“, “nothing-cleaning-my-house“, “nothing-planning/organizing-a-ladies-even- for-100+ people (Hi melissa!)“, “nothing-making-desserts-and-entertaining-a-large-bible-study-group“, and other random like “nothings.”  Unfortunately, even if I had remembered, the What They Are Wearing Wednesday would have still looked pretty much like this:


‘Cause that’s what they did (and wore) while I did nothing.  I really love doing nothing though! Seeing people eat my Brownie A La Mode and tell me it was the best ever, was pretty satisfying. I won’t lie despite how shallow you may now believe me to be (I’m probably worse, btw, but I’m workin’ on it). And thanks to my husband who snapped this snazzy photo, I will be able to remember it forever. What a picture, right?! On a scale of one to ten = wow! (Thanks babe!)

undefined…And having a clean house, and schooled children, and well planned upcoming event, is all totally worth doing nothing.

On this same nothing-note, when I was speaking with a woman (who knows I homeschool and thus I must stay at home 24/7) She told me that I didn’t know certain music because “I never go anywhere”.   I wanted to be extremely offended. I mean how could she?  But seeing as how I had just told her I had been up to “nothing”….Well, you know… I’m pretty sure she was thinking of another “nothing“.

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