Won’t Back Down

This past week my sister Lindsay & I were able to attend a pre-screening for the new Fox movie Won’t Back Down. The theater just happened to be next door to one of my favorite places, where we ate one of my favorite foods ever…

I was fabulously excited to get out with my sister for dinner & a movie, but to be honest, I’m sort of a film pessimist. Notice how most movies these days are just sheer entertainment with no real “heart”? I hadn’t heard much about Won’t Back Down, so you can imagine how badly I was thinking this review might go if it didn’t turn out to be good. That being said, Won’t Back Down took me by complete surprise!  Both Linds and I laughed & giggled through the movie. Even more astonishing–for this usually non-crying woman–is that we were bawling our way through it through it too.  And do you know how great Viola Davis & Maggie Gyllenhall are together?  I’m hoping they win some awards with this one. Viola already happened to be one of my favorite actresses, and Maggie just added herself to the list!


Most importantly the movie had a relevant message about public education & our children. A message I think most people need to hear.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, so before I say too much, I’ll just ask you to watch this:

Good, huh?!

After the movie we got to meet this guy…


Isn’t he the cutest?!???!!  Linds & I think so!

Won’t Back Down will be hitting theaters on September 28th. Hopefully you will too.

(And just because you “don’t usually cry in movies,” doesn’t mean you won’t need some tissues. Trust me.)

Thanks to Circle of Moms, a division of Pop Sugar, who made our night especially wonderful by including us in this fun event for a great movie with a great cause!

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