Around Town

After a terrible night of sleep – leaking shower, caving-in bed, and Zara’s arthritis flaring up – we all got out of the cabin, albeit a bit later than expected!

While the boys did a little more of this …camping-in-mammoth-day-two-061camping-in-mammoth-day-two-062… the girls drove around town and enjoyed a relaxing day, and hit the bakery. Again.camping-in-mammoth-day-two-049camping-in-mammoth-day-two-055camping-in-mammoth-day-two-058camping-in-mammoth-day-two-056camping-in-mammoth-day-two-060camping-in-mammoth-day-two-053



The trees are dreammmmyyy right now. Aspens are glorious!!

We’re heading into the wilderness today, so we’ll get some real forest/nature shots and do some panning for gold. Here’s to hoping for some animal sightings (without attacks) and loads of gold, haha!


You can see day one of our trip HERE.

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