About Ashley

After growing up in Orange County, California I met my husband at college in 2001. The next few years held graduation, an engagement, a wedding, followed by the birth (and adoption) of four beautiful babies. I built a business from home, through blogging and wedding photography, so I could spend as much time with them as possible. This also allowed us to pursue some bigger dreams – like Joel’s PhD and becoming foster parents.

In 2021 we adopted our darling twin boys from foster care!


I have 20 years experience in photography, social media and public relations, along with project and event management. My faith has been the foundation of my work ethic and lasting client relationships through the years. I am a self-drive, confident worker who also works well under the direction of a team or leader.

Rather Than Great Riches

Joel and I have six kids, two dogs (all with biblical names), and a few degrees in theology and education. We ran out things to name so we combined our love of the Bible and baby names to start this website.

Baby Names?

If you are Looking for unique, Biblical Baby Names – you’ll love my new site!