Adoption Week: Finances

I find it funny that the thing I dislike talking about most is money, and it’s also the same topic I get asked to share about most often. Yes, everything from teaching classes on finances & shopping to questions about how we afford to adopt. The irony gets me every time.

I am admitting to my very strong opinions on the subject of finances and adoption (don’t take it personally), but I’m also giving you all the magic secrets to making money appear for your adoption, so don’t be mad…

All our deepest, darkest Magic secrets to being able to afford $20,000 + for the adoption process:

1. Work. Work. Work. I find that most people have money for most of the things they want to do with their lives. Most of us buy cars, home and eat out when we feel like it. We work for those things. I view the adoption process much in the same way. Do you want to adopt? Work, work, work for it.

2. Find new ways to make income. (This is really is really the same point as above restated for dramatic emphasis.) I really didn’t think it was possible for us to make anymore money. Really, we are terribly busy people, BUT we then started a photography business and also selling used books on Amazon. It is hard to work on top of working, but when you have a future child in front of you it’s not too hard. I know plenty of people who take a second job to buy a home, I believe that it could also be done to pay for an adoption.

3. There are different types of adoption that fit your budget. State adoptions are free. Literally free, and most of the time they even pay you to care for the child until you finalize (and sometimes afterwards). Agency & international adoptions are over $30,000. If one doesn’t fit into your budget the other probably will.

4. Look for grants or interest free loans. There are lots of organizations that offer grants or interest free loans for adoption. I personal love, love Show Hope because they do a beautiful job of taking care of orphans by supporting adoptions. Check out their website!  (Even if you don’t believe adoption is right for you, you need to see what they do! Supporting their organization is a fabulous way to help support orphans + give a child a family through adoption!)

5. Fundraise tactfully. This is really more of a plea than a point. While I completely and totally understand the desperate need for money with the costly adoption process, I have a hard time with the majority of the fundraising methods people use.

Fundraising is okay IF you can avoid turning your child into a charity case. Be tactful, humble, and give supporters some proof of responsibility with the money you are given. If you can do this, by all means fundraise! It can be one of the many tools used to reach an adoption goal.

However, I believe that people over emphasize the charity or ministry aspect, and as soon as the money (and child) is in hand they will have forgotten their past begging – other people don’t so easily forget. 

Please be aware that you may be hurting your child’s future if you portray or flaunt too much about them to the general public in order to gain monetarily for you adoption so use discretion!

And last, remember that money is almost always sticky to talk about. Much like this sticky post. End of plea-rant.

6. Learn to save money. Make the most of what you got by saving. Dave Ramsey and Ellie Kay have great things to say about setting budgets and making the most of what you’ve got. Here’s some practical ways we save:

-I follow hip2save blog and coupon shop for all our necessities.

-We use online shopping codes from Rakuten. I have saved thousands of dollars with codes, free shipping and the rebates that they deposit into our account.

-I almost always shop online for anything under the sun available from diapers to medicine to clothing. I think online shopping has helped me to spend less money, mainly because I can’t “have it now” so I tend to think through my purchases a bit more.

-We literally never shop at all unless there is a sale, deal or coupon that makes an item 40% off or more. My favorite stores that do these sales are Gap & Urban Outfitters, but most stores off these sale sales at least twice a year.

-We thrift, Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace for furniture for our home. (I also love TJ Maxx and Homegoods for anything kitchen related.)

-I love love love to shop for my heath food and homeopathic remedies, herbs, etc… on Vitacost. There are lots of food items & supplements at over 50% off what they are in-store.

-I’ve also found that Honest is the best price for my kids products (since they are allergic to everything under the sun) since I can buy bundles that ship right to my door. Again, having it shipped to my house means I don’t buy 20 other things I don’t need at Target when all I was getting was baby wash!

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