The Weekender: Palm Springs

The Weekender: Palm Springs

Rachel & Bri are getting married in a mere 3 weeks, and not too long after that, she will be whisked away to a foreign country for the next many years. She’ll be a million miles away. So, instead of a typical Bachlorette party, it was obvious we needed to go away for an entire weekend and soak up all the sun & friendship we could possible endure.

Welcome to our Oasis.

Banana-cream-cream-cheesecake. I had one bite, it was unfathomably delicious.

I tried to count how many hours we spent at the pool, but lost track. I’m guessing that we got at least 20 hours poolside. (This hotel happens to have two pools, we stayed at the tame pool, the other pool was hook-up central.)

Mexi dinner with live music. The band really should have been photographed. A group of older wanna-be rockers, who Molly said, “Looked like the ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ kinda musicians”. Would you believe that song was the first of the night?!??!?!?!  Bahahahaha. 

After a night out (we are grannies, it was like 10:30 at this point) we heard there was a wedding at our hotel which we may or may not have wanted to crash…

Molly (feat. baby Caleb) & Lindsay (feat. baby boy with no name).

Rachel, the stunning bride!

We had to walk through this really dark courtyard area, when we heard a rattlesnake, and seriously almost had a heart attack. Linds was screaming and running, it was awful. Then we realized it was the sprinklers. So we screamed and ran some more because we were getting wet. Then we almost wet our pants because it was hysterical.

Unfortunately the wedding was over. Fortunately, there was a lounge with a live DJ. People were just sitting around drinking their cocktails, when we busted in on the scene and danced until we couldn’t dance. I tell you, when drunk people are laughing at you, you know you are having a truly good time.

The last day was poolside chats. Telling our favorite Rachel stories and what-not.

Truth be told, it was really hard for me to leave the kids. I do have to leave them for work, but it’s usually no more than a day, even if we have to travel I do it in as short a time as possible. This was literally the first time I have ever just gone away for fun in 8 1/2 years!  Needless to say, despite how unspeakably incredible the girls weekend was, I was overjoyed to come home to my babies!