Choices Matter! (DRAFT)

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This past year, the phrase “choices matter” has been a huge theme for our family. Having a teen and almost-teen in the house, it’s important that they learn early how to predict outcomes from their decisions, and learn how planning ahead helps you better choices in the moment!

When Moms Meet asked me to parent with them & Plan Against Pain for their very own Choices Matter campaign, teaching women to plan ahead, especially when it comes to making non-opioid pain relief choices after childbirth – I knew this was providence!

Did you know that most mothers believe that opioids are unsafe to take during and after childbirth, and yet 51% are prescribed them during that time? With one in three women having c-sections, its important that women don’t just shrug off the need for a frank conversation about the current drug crisis in America – no one is untouchable when it comes to opioid abuse. Addiction does not discriminate!

Choices Matter has created revolutionary plans, built specifically for women to find non-opioid relief both during and after childbirth. (I also highly recommend their plans for anyone with upcoming surgery or procedures that will involve pain management! They offer  ideas for men, too!) I would LOVE  to see more mothers at the forefront of fighting the opioid crisis by empowering other women to choose non-opioids for pain relief! Take the #onelesspill pledge with me HERE.


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