Gingerbread Baby Costume

I wish every holiday included costumes. This one takes the cake, errr, cookie for me! I found this delicious brown baby onesie that just had to be used. They make them in a wide range of sizes, which almost had me buying them allllll so that everyone of the kids could be this cute, but I ran out of time this year between all the events and hosting. Once I had the onesie in hand, it just took a few pieces of felt, and we have the cutest costume in the history of holidays.
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This face he makes melts me. His mouth is the best. This kid is a sweet as candy. If I could steal him, I would.
DIY Baby Costumes 2017

Gingerbread Costume

Gingerbread, homemade gingerbread anyway, is one of my favorite cookies! A baby dressed as gingerbread is the only time I think it’s appropriate to say a human is “yummy.”

I know that people generally think of Halloween when they think of costumes, but generally think EVERYDAY when I think of costumes.


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