This past month, I became a consultant for BeautyCounter. I was already an avid user, and couldn’t be more enthralled with the products, but something about “selling” it just didn’t sit right with me. In short, I’m just not a “salesman.”  You know the (stereo)type; pushy, loud, aggressive. I decided to make sure that I didn’t ruin my relationships with friends, or command my family to throw my parties, so here’s what I’m doing to sell even though I’m not a salesman:

  1. Use the products IRL: My biggest selling point is that I am an active BeautyCounter user, and have been for over a year. If you drop by my house, you’ll see that my chapstick and lotion is on my nightstand. The shampoo and conditioner are in the shower, and you can be sure that I’m wearing some Plum on my lips. I am hook, line and sinker, and real deal user of these products and can tell you how many (13!) other types of makeup I tried before sticking with this particular brand.
  2. Learn Lifestyle Marketing: Marketing itself does work, I will readily admit that, but it can lose it’s genuineness when it doesn’t line up with your regular purchases, routines, or values. What I love about Lifestyle Marketing is that you don’t loose yourself to recommend a brand.
  3. Be Kind: People are special, do not forget that. Many women are working long hours to purchase the products you are selling. Kindness goes a long way in any industry!
  4. Be Wise: Take a business or marketing class online and get advice from anyone and everyone you know in sales. You don’t have to take everyone’s advice, but listening to other perspectives gives you information on both HOW to run a business and how NOT to run a business. Ask hard questions, “Did you loose friends over selling them a shake?”
  5. Get Online, Get Online, Get Online: You’re going to need all the social media accounts out there. I have Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and a few others – whichever is currently “trending” is the one that sells the most products. Posting several times a week on each, creating fun/engaging content. This point leads you back to points 1 & 2.

Most importantly, you can make money doing something you love without the typical drawbacks of being a salesman! And if you don’t currently have a job you love, BeautyCounter is always a fabulous option 😉