Show Us Your Life: Beauty Tips from Pretty Professionals

I am so excited for this blog post, because it is the first time I’ve ever made a “video” for my blog!  And, because the topic of this weeks Show Us Your Life (Thanks Kelly!) is so much fun.  Not only do I love keeping up with hair and make-up styles, but I have a family full of professionals who so kindly offered their help, because you all deserve the best!

Hair Styling & Care 101

Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.

-Author Unknown

Meet Zac & Katie. Zac is my “little” brother, who is extremely professional at looking good… okay, so the only reason I let him in on this post was so you could connect the dots of who is who in my family. Other than him being married to Katie, he has nothing to do with all this beauty stuff – except that he always looks good. (Boys have all the luck. Sheesh.)  Anyway, he and Katie just got married this past April, so I acquired a new sister last year, and what a lovely thing she is!  Not only is she beautiful, she has so many talents, especially with hair, and speaking of hair, don’t you LOVE hers?  We made a short video for you to learn how you can style your hair just like Katie’s!  Introducing…our first full length film, “Flat Iron Curls Tutorial”  two minutes and thirty-nine seconds to a new do!:

If you were wondering who the floating head in that video was – that’s my cameo for the day!  My other sister, Lindsay, was going to help, but being pregnant and all, she wasn’t feeling up to it, so I was the “sub”. (My husband also asked me why I wasn’t smiling, but I was just thinking about the camera the whole time, so I was a little distracted. Apologies.)

If you are wondering more, about that precious little beauty called a GHD, here she is in all her glory.

I believe this is the best hair tool on the market, so it is worth every penny! And think of eliminating the need for both a flat iron and a curling iron, all you need is one GHD!  My husband bought me mine as a gift last Valentines day.  No joke, it is the best gift I have ever recieved (as far as possessions go!)  Even if you think your hair “won’t curl” try one of these and Flat Iron Curl your hair and you will be sold!  (GHD did not pay me to say all this, however, I think they should have, I recommend this flat iron to EVERYONE!)  They are available here on Amazon.

Katie’s other Top Hair Product Reccomendations are:

  • Any & All Kerastase Products (Some of them have won “best of the year” titles from Allure Mag!) Ciment Thermique, Nectar Thermique or Chroma Thermique would be great in combo with using a flat iron because they’re “Thermal Protectants” (protection from heat!)
  • Hair Sprays: Infinium 2, 3, & 4 by Lo’real Professionals’ Siere Expert  (2 = light hold, 3 = medium hold & 4 = firm hold) OR  Bumble & Bumble Spray De mode is also on of my fave’s. It’s a flexible med/firm hold hairspray.
  • Find a good Salon. Look for one carrying Kerastase, because it’s only sold at the top 10% of Salons in the US.  It’s pretty exclusive!

If you have any other questions for Katie, just leave a comment for her down below and she will answer them in a post later this week!

Makeup & Skin Care 101

I’d have to say that, in general, models take themselves too seriously. Basically, they are genetic freaks who spend a couple of hours in hair and makeup.

-Rebecca Romijn

(This quote makes me laugh every time I think of it.)

Lindsay and I are a mere 13 months apart, and spent the majority of the first 10 years of our lives trying out “styles” on each other – hair, makeup & clothing.  (Mainly me on her. I insisted.)  Our mom was a model when she was a teenager and saw the worst side of the beauty business, so she always made sure to encourage us in our character and walk with the Lord first and foremost. Looks were just a part of life, we were taught to always take care of yourself and “If the barn needs painting, paint it.”  We enjoy the whole “paint it” part.  Lindsay has been an Aesthetician now for about 6 years.  She has worked in Salons, with her own business with Weddings & Events, and as a freelance makeup artist for a very large company.  She is currently employed by my gorgeous niece, Ruby, and her baby sister “Q” who will be arriving in May.  Isn’t Ruby one of the cutest children you’ve ever seen?!

Here’s a picture of what is in Lindsay’s Make-up Bag:

Pretty simple, huh? This is everything for every look from simple-stay-at-home-just-want-to-look-good-for-husband-day to going-on-a-hot-date-with-daddy-night.  Here’s what’s in Lindsay’s bag; MAC Prep & Prime, MAC paint pot in Painterly, MAC Shadows in various colors, MAC Fluidline – blacktrack, MAC Mascara – Haute & Naughty, MAC Small Angled Brush, MAC Eye Brows in Lingering, MAC Studio Finish Concealer – NW20, MAC Studio Fix Foundation -NW20, MAC Studio Fix Powder – NW20 or NW25, MAC Blush Brush, MAC Blush, MAC Lipstick, & MAC Cremestick Liner

And if you’d like a bag that is as versatile as Lindsay’s, here are 7 things you need to make sure your makeup bag is in shape. Consider this your shopping list:

  • Nice brushes: You need (at least) one shadow brush, a blush/powder brush & a very small angled brush. Invest in these, clean them regularly to keep them nice & they will last you a long time!
  • Eye shadow: Even if you aren’t a “eyeshadow person”. It can range anywhere from two basic colors to pallets full.
  • Blush: Consider purchasing at least one color that in a tone that is practical for everyday use, blush is versatile and can be applied lightly or heavily depending on the look you want.
  • Foundation: Whether it’s light, medium or heavy coverage, liquid or powder, keep one in stock! You won’t regret having it, even if you don’t wear it often.
  • Eyeliner:  In my opinion there is almost nothing worse than seeing someone with horrible eye liner! It can ruin your whole eye makeup application (which is the best part of make-up!) Be sure to choose a good liner, whether it’s a pencil, retractible pencil or fluid line! If you are a newbie to liner, don’t start with liquid liner, it’s one make-up item you should avoid if you don’t know how to use it!
  • Eye brow pencil: A great eye brow pencil will tie everything together, make your look complete, and give a well kept look.
  • Lipstick or Gloss: Don’t work on your whole face & then let your lips be untouched, dry & bare. Even a tinted lip conditioner or gloss will do!

Remember, before all your make-up, you need to be taking care of your skin! It needs nourishment, exfoliation and moisturizing. My favorite skin care line is About Face by Rita, I use it everyday! You should always wash your face morning & night and apply a moisturizer. Always make sure to remove your make-up and keep your skin healthy so it stays youthful and vibrant.

Once you have washed your face, and prepared your skin, you can apply all the fun stuff! We divided makeup “wearers”  into 3 categories and gave each type special tips for the application process:

1. Simple & Easygoing

This is you if you want…

  • A simple Look that doesn’t require much time.
  • You want to keep your make-up bag small.
  • You love neutrals.

Even a tad of makeup can make a big difference! Start with a very simple eye shadow or two. Use neutral color schemes to keep this look low key. (Always do your eyes before your foundation so that you can get any excess shadow, mascara or liner off before you do up your face.) Even if you opt out of wearing eyeshadow, put on a bit of eyeliner on your top lid only (black for more bold, brown for less) followed by a coat of black mascara, you’re eyes will instantly be brightened up. Next, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps in your brows. It might seem intimidating to work on your brows, but once you find the right color for yourself, you’ll never go back! Voila! Your eyes are finished! Some people don’t like to wear foundation on a daily basis, some people feel like they need it. If you choose to wear it, I recommend Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation. (You can pick it up at any drugstore.) It has a light-medium coverage and doesn’t make you feel weighed down. If you want a powder foundation, another option would be to use the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. After your foundation, you MUST apply blush! Even if you don’t wear foundation, blush is a necessity. It makes a huge difference in adding a brightening color that will change your whole look. Pick a very neutral color that can be worn every day & get a good brush so the application goes on smooth and looks even. When you’ve done that, all you need is a lipstick or gloss! If you’re very natural, colored gloss or a clear gloss is a great option, or you could go for a really nice everyday lipstick like MAC’s High Tea. You can’t go wrong!

2. A Little Extra

This is you if you want…

  • Your skin to have more coverage.
  • You like your eyes to be done up most of the time.
  • You love a tight & clean look.

I probably fall into this category on most days. I like a nice medium coverage on my face & I love my eyes done up! To accomplish a balanced look that isn’t heavy but does give you coverage and color, I would recommend starting off with nice warm tones on your eyes. (Always do your eyes before your foundation so that you can get any excess shadow, mascara or liner off before you do up your face.) Apply a lighter shadow on your lid, a slightly darker shadow throughout your crease & then just a punch of your favorite darker shade in the very outside corner of your eye. Put liner on your top lid, and using an angled brush apply either a dark brown, black or any other shadow you want underneath your eye to lightly line it. Blend it out with your finger or a brush to soften the look. Fill in your brows & of course finish your eyes off with mascara! Moving to your foundation, if you need coverage for blemishes, I highly recommend MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer – it’s GREAT for covering up! On top of that, you’ll put your liquid foundation. I go back & forth between MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation & Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation. (I tend to use Revlon when I don’t want to feel as weighed down. It’s a lot lighter feeling than MAC.) After you put on your foundation, if you still want a bit more coverage in select areas, put on MAC Studio Fix Powder. If you don’t care for more coverage & just want a plain powder, you can use a loose translucent powder. Apply your favorite blush, lip liner, lipstick & gloss & you’re ready for the day!

3. The Whole Shabang

This is you if you want…

  • Your skin to have full coverage.
  • You like your eyes to be done up, crisp & bold.
  • You love long lasting color.

Begin by priming your eyes. (Always do your eyes before your foundation so that you can get any excess shadow, mascara or liner off before you do up your face.) Using one of MAC’s Paintpot colors, gently brush the cream shadow onto your whole lid. This will help your shadow stay on longer and look better. Put your favorite shadow color(s) right on top of that! For perfect smooth liner that won’t budge, use MAC’s Fluid Line. It’s a cream liner that is applied with a brush & goes on ever so beautifully. It may take a little practice, but it’s well worth it! Make sure you have a good angled brush! To get a little fancy, wing tip your eye liner to give you a bolder eye. Line underneath your eye with black or brown, and if you’re into bright colors, put your pop of color down there as a liner! Make sure to fill in your brows, and apply mascara a couple different times to really show off your lashes. If you need to curl your lashes, do so after you’ve applied your mascara & then add more if needed. Put a skin primer on your face to protect your skin as well as smooth out your concealer and foundation. Apply concealer in needed areas and then apply your foundation over that. I would make the same recommendations for concealer, foundation & powder here that I did in the “A Little More” category. Definitely use MAC’s Studio Fix foundation for the fullest coverage! If you are a fan of bronzer, put your bronzer on, or use it to contour your cheeks by putting it directly below your cheek bone. Apply your blush on top of that & blend it out with your blush brush. For a nice highlight, right above your cheekbone, add one of the lighter shades of MAC’s Cream Blush or MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish which is absolutely gorgeous! Line your lips, find your perfect shade of lipstick & finish it off with gloss! You’re ready for a night out on the town!

If you have any questions for Lindsay, you can leave a comment below and she will answer them in a post later this week!


And last, but not least, I am so lucky to have these girls as sisters to help me in person and give me tips, products, ideas, etc… and I’m sure that most of you would just love that, like I do!  So, I am offering my sisters to you to help you!  Comment below with a link to your blog and I will randomly choose a few Ladies for a “virtual make-over” and Linds & Katie will give you a few Professional suggestions for your hair styling, make-up & answer any questions you might have .  (If only 5 people comment on this, we’ll just do everyone! haha!)

I’m also thinking of making the “Tutorials” a series, where Lindsay & Katie would take turns teaching us a Do It Yourself beauty trick every few weeks!  If you can think of anything you’d like to see, any “How To” that would interest you, leave a comment for it also!  Hopefully you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed putting it together! -xxoo