The 5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers (Ages 1-2)

The holidays are coming, and it’s time to get shopping! Toddlers are the easiest group to give to; they are easy to please, and there are so many options in a saturate toy market! But if you want to rise above the crowds, and give a gift that will be remembered, read below for some of the trendiest and adorable gifts of 2016.

91-msshj2fl-_sx522_1. Baltic Amber Necklace $16.99 – While these are hitting the market for their “health” benefits, their instant success can be attributed to how beautiful they are! I’ve seen these on both boys and girls, however they do have a very feminine allure.

Little Women picture book for babyLittle Women picture book for toddlers

Les Miserables children' editionmiserables-interior_grande

2. Baby Lit Classics for Toddlers $8.99 – Fill your favorite little one’s library with all the classics, in tiny form. Other titles from the collection include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Moby Dick, and Frankenstein!

3. Honest Diapers & Wipes $13 to $80 (for a month supply) – “Cool” takes new forms when you are a parent, and one of the first things you’ll learn as a newbie is just how valuable (and ugly) diapers are. I don’t know a single parent who wouldn’t be ecstatic for their children to receive a box of beautiful diapers as a gift! Grandparents looking to give bigger gifts can add a diaper bag, or month’s supply of baby necessities to their gift also!

61tusn1mbol-_sl1500_4. Hape Bench & Xylophone $23.99 – Kids notoriously love the noisiest toy in the house, but at very least, this one encourages creativity (yah, for no batteries!)  It comes in two colors, and the 2016 red version includes golden accents!

5. Fashion $5-$200 – Clothes are the gift that keeps on giving. Fashionable clothes will be immortalized in photos (I love seeing photos of my nephew in his gifts!) and then you’ll have something to cherish along with the gift!