The best EVER Harry Potter Party!

January is always such a tough month for us to get back on track after holiday after holiday, and birthday after birthday. There’s always company, Joel’s school’s graduation, and all those incredible Christmas parties and services to attend. Is it any wonder that we usually gyp Ever from having a party? I feel completely justified. I also feel terrible. This year we decided that we had to make a real effort to give her a special party she’d love, and of course she wanted Harry Potter! I didn’t know how I was going to pull off some of her requests, like when she told me she wanted a Snitch cake with 3 tiers and “chickens with lettuce under them” on the dinner table as decorations (just like in the movie in the Great Hall!) Seriously?! We did our best and it was pretty delightful, I basically ran out time to do anything else because we came up with so many ideas that we wanted to try.

The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8362The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8357The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8353

The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8349The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8350The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8351The Best Harry Potter Birthday Party 8354

 All the printables were free on pinterest, shame on me for not saving the links for this post.. it’s literally been 6 months, but I will try to find some of them and update with those if anyone wants.
Party supplies: death eater tattoos, Hedwig, horcrux, chocolate frog mold, brick wall backdrop, Bertie Bott’s Beans, Harry Potter glasses, Harry Potter wand, snitch, & Slytherin robe.

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