The Homeschool Diaries: Year 10

This is our 10th year homeschooling – Jude’s in 8th grade!  High School starts next year, and I’m trying to soak this all in. I missed taking their photos of their real first day of school, so we staged these on the second day, haha!

Everything blended together this year in a weird fog that they call “summer school.” I don’t know how often we’ll do official summer school, but it worked for this year and I’m happy with the progress and focus we were able to have with it. (Of course I didn’t love that it ate our summer, but it was a worthy cause!)

One of our newer educational discoveries (last school year) was Osmo.  The technology is out of this world. Ever’s drawings literally become the art in the games! (I want to highlight that my family’s first computer was the size of a bus, sounded like you were starting up a f-18 fighter jet, and had one function: typing.She has no idea how good she has it!

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