We’ve never had a complaint about trips to the museum. You’d think they’d tire of it after years of visits and revisits, but it’s remained a family favorite. I have way too many pictures of them here too, but we always take more.

Ways to teach your children about Artist

THOSE SOCKS.mass dinosaur gravewalrus exhibitoarfish and kidsIt was a really slow day, and the only person we repeatedly bumped into was this cute little nun who was power-walking the whole place!

Wooley mammoth skeletonnorth americas early artclose up of the mineral wulfeniteenjoying museums with kidsThe kids love watching I Love Lucy, but we had no idea that Desilu Productions also produced Star Trek?! You do learn something new everyday.

We’ve got several other LA outings coming up as we just got tickets to The Huntington and LACMA. We’ve never taken the kids to either one! Such a shame, because I know they will love them both. Trying to decide if we should wait a while for the roses to bloom at the gardens? Anyone know the when the most roses are blooming?!?