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Yes, I talk about adoption a lot, but I really tried to never be that girl… with a blog… with an “adoption” link in the menu.

I’ve decided that it’s easiest to explain everything here short and sweet so – Yes! Our son Cruz was adopted when he was two weeks old – and Y E S! We highly suggest you get involved in adoption somehow! Adoption is beautiful, and every child deserves a chance at life with a loving family.

We L O V E adoption.

…But as much as we love adoption, we are here, hoping the best, for the situations we hate. The all too common time when a mother can’t keep her child.

If you are a birthparent looking for a family to adopt your baby or child, we are 100% ready to adopt again; just finally put a short adoption profile online here and hoping, praying, and waiting for a child who we will love wholeheartedly! We have spent years working with countless birthparents and foster kids in the system. It has been been a rollercoaster as we believed so many times that the kids we were preparing and caring for would be ours, but it wasn’t meant to be and here we are five years later still waiting for our forever child! In the meantime, we’ve kept busy as we are helping to run an Orphan Care ministry through our church to encourage other families to open up their hearts and homes to adoption!

Thanks for dropping by! xxoo -Ashley


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